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VO Studio Companion is a comprehensive guide to your home voiceover studio. From microphones and preamps to compressors and EQs, VO Studio Companion goes beyond the basics without turning into a textbook. Wherever you are in your journey, there's something for you. Available through Amazon and most college bookstores.


online consultation

Submit a sample of your audio for review. I'll analyze every important technical aspect of your audio recording. I'll give you tips you can use to improve your sound today. There is absolutely no cost whatsoever, nor is there any obligation to purchase any product. This is simply my opinion, based upon my experience and extensive study. I ask only in return that you value your craft and always maintain the highest integrity of what we do.


Processing is a lot easier to get wrong than it is to get right. I can help. I'll work with your recording to determine optimal processing to meet your needs. Whether it's subtle correction for big agencies, enhancement for promo, or that big sound for radio imaging, I know how to get you to where you need to be.

This service is now available without a referral. However, a referral from a coach, agency, demo producer, or talent will grant a 50% discount.

It begins with a free online consultation and ends with an easy-to-use preset or stack customized for your voice and needs. 

*note: a $50 surcharge applies for presets for hardware processors or the UA Apollo series of DSP plugins, which are created in real-time, by appointment. Referral discount does not apply to surcharge.

premium services (by referral only)

More in-depth than an online consultation, we'll discuss and work through problems and questions in real-time. We can work together on mic placement, room treatment options, training, studio design, on-site studio builds, tech support, processing, equipment choices, and any other technical hurdles you may need to overcome. These sessions are by appointment only and by referral only. 

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